Expect the unexpected

Come and visit us, we will surprise you. Our farmhouse is out of the common. Here you can live in contact with nature, enjoy typical dishes of the Italian cuisine, restore weel-being of body and mind. But above all, you will find that here time flies quietly and you will fell that being comfortable in each time of the day is an indispensable habit.
We are waiting for you.


Immerse yourself in the waters of our spa, you will live feelings of well-being.
Let you cradle by the waves and by the water jets. A place for body and mind.

The rooms

Carved in the natural contour of the hill, midday sun oriented, each room has a balcony offering magnificent views of the area.


The wood

All the nature that surrounds the forest. Each season has its own charm and its colors. Discover all.




Not only for pleasure. Tenuta is the suitable place for your business meetings. Areas dedicated to your world.

The restaurant

A strongly linked to the area menu and its companies, its products. Because we produce and cook for you.