Tenuta was born and has developed with the awareness that nature only has the power to decide how to face every day. In the heart of a small town like Uggiate Trevano, Tenuta is surrounded by a chestnuts wood, where you can breathe the perfume of nature. The idea is to offer a unique location, where to find different spaces dedicated to the mind, to the body, to the pleasure of tasting. Every proposal is the result of skilful hands willing to reveal the genuineness of each ingredient.
During the last years the farms settled in the area, among which Tenuta de l’Annunziata, have started an environmental requalification work that could take advantage of the existing connections with the economic activities of the region. The roman age left the deepest footprint in this area, as they built various places of worship that are still attracting a lot of believers. An area that has hold a major economic and political interest since always.

vista territorio tenuta

Nature turns to taste

Woods, rivers and hills alternates themselves to create an enchanted landscape, having in the background the close mountain ranges. Stream Lura and the minor creeks of Faloppia, engrave the land and turn it fertile to the wheat, mulberry (used to breed silkworms) and other typical products plantations. Uggiate-Trevano forms part of an area of great natural interest, winding and turning along the Swiss border. So the town represents the perfect starting point for walks among the hills in Como and Varese provinces. The historical buildings scattered in the region are the final touch of this beautiful picture: churches, estates and finds full of the charm of the past.


Thanks to its farm, land and nature are the absolute protagonists of the establishment. Healthy ingredients, produced on site, processed with passion and mastery on the premises and in a few other carefully selected and certified farms. The ingredients are continuously reinterpreted to create tastes and flavours always different, new and authentic, surprising the mouth all the time.

La Tenuta

The location now called dell’Annunziata was, in origin, a “ronco” (terraced land) belonging to Uggiate municipality, sold in the XVIII century to monsignor Gerolamo Lucini, from Milan, bishop of Capso (now Ain-Guigba) in Algeria, son of senator Giulio Cesare and Ippolita Turconi, owner of other properties in Uggiate. Later it was inherited by the S. Anna Hospital in Como.
In the second part of the XVIII century the farm here existing, called Ronco, was uninhabited. In the XIX century the building was bought by the Somaini family and in 1912 the MP Francesco, an engineer, restored it, adding a medieval style tower at the north corner. In 2007 Pezzoli-Guffanti family took over the estate and transformed it into the modern accommodation facility surrounded by green space as we can see today.

What inspires us

We love to let us be tempted. By the nature. The new establishment was born in this way. It’s a location to be discovered, a place that leaves a large part to light, to the branches of the trees, to the sound of the wind, to the colours of the leaves.

Some history

Until 1867 in the farmstead owned by the Somaini, used to live a certain Annunziata Coduri. In her memory the place took the name of “Tenuta de l’Annunziata”.

An enchanting wood

The peace and beauty of thirteen hectares of chestnuts wood hold our Relais and will be able to protect your relax. Here everything arises from the colors, the perfumes, the tastes and the sounds of the wood. They are always different and engaging because they express the changing of the seasons. Routes where to walk in the spirit of wellness and outdoor sports, will let you savour all the magic of nature and find again its inner self.