Special facial and body treatments

In one of his ancient satire Giovenale used to recite: “Mens sana in corpore sano”. This concept is today more topical than ever and it stays behind all the facial and body treatments offered to the guests of Tenuta that can enjoy services and products designed for any need and any kind of skin.

Facial treatments

Face hydration
Hydrating treatment to restore freshness and brightness to the face.
Duration: 25 minutes – € 50,00

Skin awakening
This treatment has been studied for those skins that need firmness, hydration and tonicity.
Duration: 50 minutes – € 90,00

Super nourishing
Sublime nourishing treatment, for dry, dehydrated and dull skin with natural alginate mask owning restructuring and hydrating properties. 
Duration: 80 minutes – € 120,00

Natural facelift massage
A global anti-age, lightening and brightening action. Ideal for mature skin.
Duration: 50 minutes – € 95,00

Eyes and lips contour
Eye and lips treatment to reduce fatigue signs and give to the skin a natural light. 
Duration: 15 minutes – € 30,00
It is possible to combine it with the facial chosen.

Body treatments

Body peeling
To relieve congestion and refresh the most tired looking and sensitive skins.
You can choose: Tenuta herbs, berry fruits, salt, coffee or chocolate peeling.
Duration: 25 minutes – € 45,00

Peeling and hydrating massage
Body peeling with moisturizing body massage to hydrate the skin.
Duration: 50 minutes – € 80,00

Peeling in the Hammam
Salt or Sugar peeling with butter and oils nourishing basis – € 10,00
Noire de Hammam and Kessa glove – € 15,00

Bio Tone-Up
A treatment rich with gradually released functional active substances to regenerate and tone up the skin.
Duration: 50 minutes – € 90,00

Bio Dren
A treatment designed to fight the blemishes of the skin caused by cellulite, enhance hydration and give a lovely sensation of lightness.
Duration: 50 minutes – € 90,00

Bio Lifting Seno
Treatment formulated to supple, firm up and moisture breast skin giving tone and tightness.
Duration: 50 minuites – € 90,00

Gift vouchers

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