The surroundings

Uggiate-Trevano is settled in a strategic position on the border between Italy and Switzerland. It is in Como province, not too far from the charm and opportunities offered by of the cities of Varese (16 Km), Lugano (24 Km) and Milan (50 Km). Since the very beginning this characteristic has made it a space of big economic and political interest. Roman culture has left the most important sign in the region, thanks to various places of worship still attracting a big number of believers today. From the middle-age until the end of the second world war, the history of Uggiate-Trevano remained strongly tied to the one of the neighbouring towns with which it entered into alliances not always easy to maintain due to temporary adversities. In spite of unfavourable conditions the town could develop and preserve its own cultural identity that, during the years, has become a badge of honour for its citizens. Even today this heritage continues to be celebrated in festivals and local fairs.
During the last years the local farms, among which Tenuta de l’Annunziata, have started an environmental requalification work that could exploit the existing links with the economic activities of the region. Actually UggiateTrevano is well connected with the main motorways of Lombardy and it is easily accessible from airports and railway stations. Today the town is a meeting point between past and present: the ideal place where to rediscover yourself and give a new direction and impetus to your life.

Nearby cities

Tenuta optimal location allow you to visit the picturesque and characteristic small towns on the lake, with their exotic landscape, or to reach quickly the big city of Milan, multicultural centre rich in events.

Museum and places of interest

For those who love art and museums, the close areas offer a great variety of experiences to live: the Museo del ‘900 in Milan, the Volta Temple in Como are only two of the many artistic attractions that you can visit in the region surrounding Tenuta.

Events and festivals

The cities near Tenuta are rich in history and traditions, they are the sceneries of theatre plays, festivals and fairs where you can liven up your evenings and taste a touch of the culture and of the scent of this beautiful landscape.